Tru Medz

Tru Medz

Going through the hardships and difficulties of being a Medical student, you will see in the end the fruits of all the hard work. Practice in Medicine is a calling that needs great Dedication, Determination, Perseverance and most of all Compassion. Saving & touching lives and improving the quality of life : these are the fulfillment for a Medical Doctor to value the chosen vocation. Something that money definitely cannot pay or buy in anyway.

… I met good Friends in Med. school, though we are different individuals we do know our differences and compromise … …Can see through your eyes, no need to speak-out, knows exactly what’s in your mind… …No need to utter a single word but by merely touching your hand you will never feel alone… …Can tell a funny joke and even sing a unique song to make you smile despite the loaded instructions, several assignments, tough ordeals and the humiliations and abashment… …Lift your spirit by saying “you can make it” : ” don’t give up” , showed sincere concern, love and support… …speak a different language that only ” Us” can understand…

Going through the obstacles of being a Medical student I won’t trade in any place the journey I experienced in the path where I found the main core of my well being.      2001


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