Finding One Great Love

This is my “almost love story” …

I met a guy at the airport on my flight back to Manila from my vacation in Cebu. The way we met was not the typical romantic way most cheesy movies are made of. I was in line to pay the terminal fee when I felt a push from behind. The guy apologized and I acknowledged it with an angry look and walked away.

I found a seat in the departure lounge and soon after he came over and asked for my flight details. It turned out that we were on the same flight but in the wrong waiting area. I stood up and moved towards the right departure lounge and he offered to carry my luggage for me. Being the independent woman that I am, I declined his offer.

He looked Pinoy to me ( and I must admit He was tall and good-looking ) but he spoke in flawless English. Not to be outdone, I spoke to him in the same Language with oozing confidence. But we did have a small chat and soon enough passengers were called to board the plane. He carried my baggage (yes, this time I didn’t protest (hahahaha) ) and brought me to my seat.

After landing in Manila, I let everyone get off the plane since I was on the farthest seat from the door. I was surprised to see “Him” patiently waiting for me at the exit. A true gentleman, he helped me carry my things when he saw me. As I was to exit the building, he asked for my number but I didn’t give to him. He didn’t make a big deal out of it and just said his name is Dave ( or it could be Dale or Dan wasn’t sure I heard him right) . He asked for my name and since he carried my baggage I told him what my name was. The end.

As I am writing this, I’m thinking maybe he is happily married with kids right now or in a special relationship or has just proposed to his girl. I kept wondering if I gave him my number, would our lives be different now ? Was it a glimpse of destiny that I just let pass me by ? or maybe it was just one of those that happens to random people all the time ?

Well if We are destined to be together then Fate will pull “Us” again together but if not, maybe We are just not meant to be ..

Will Destiny find me again just like in fairy tales and movies?
I still believe that there is only one person meant to each one of us and that “true love” and “lived happily-ever-after” do exist in this lifetime
And I know that True Love is worth the wait.        2014


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