Thirty-Five and Beyond

Birthdays are  good times for celebrations. Yes! another fruitful year of one’s existence. But as the age of counting goes, it gives a bit of  “want ” to stay in your preferred young age and stop counting.

When you reached the age of 35 and you are still single, and that almost all of your batch mates are  happily married with kids, well it gives a little bit of pressure in your part but still pretending not to mind. And it does not stop there, because everybody seems to notice and keeps asking the same question over and over . If you are not ready yet then let it be, don’t push yourself. Take your time and it will definitely come.

The good thing about being 35 and beyond is that you gain more wisdom, the more experienced you become more matured from learned mistakes and bad decisions that molded you enough in becoming a much better individual. Being 35 and beyond has its positive sides :

(>) Taking things slow. As the saying goes ” slowly but surely ” old mantra though but still works . When you are young, you tend to make decisions in outburst of anger, when still hurting, too  much into something or when too much in love ( too much emotions rushing-in ), when confused and when you are in deep depression without thinking twice or without even thinking at all. Decisions are made. Thus, decisions are always “emotional” based on immediate  feelings alone without any intellectual consultations.

You end up more confused, more hurt, more depressed and wrong decisions with its  consequences that change your entire life. So take your time to think before making a huge decision.

Note : In every wrong decision you make, you give people the consent to judge you.

(>)  Facing criticisms, detractors, negative statements, and wrong judgement or allegations with humble gestures of optimism.

People who judged your life based on your past or just want  to say “mean” words are those people lacking wisdom, self-fulfillment and spiritual reflections.

I have been criticized, misjudged and wrongly scrutinized. I’m not a celebrity, I’m just an ordinary person who wants to live a simple life in the province and yet people I know said worst things about my looks, my profession and my wrong decisions boiling down to its consequences.

I don’t feel bad because they can say whatever they want, but they cannot take away the fact that I’ve achieved my childhood dream, that I do what I love to do and in a way has some contributions to the society without any compensations.

People may laugh and gossip about your life but at the end of the day, if they look into their own lives, do they have a perfect life or do they feel happy talking about someone’s failure, misfortune and flaws? You don’t focus on these people because whatever you say or do, you will never good enough to them, as the saying goes ” you cannot please everyone “.

 Note : Don’t listen to those people who don’t know your importance and your core value.

(>) Avoiding fights, arguments and confrontations. When you reached this age, you hate the “dramas” of confrontations and handle exchange of conversation in a calm and smooth compromise & understanding. You take fights as a waste of time. The feeling of being offended and defeated tends to convert into something more meaningful and productive that sets to improve oneself.

Note : Eradicate all the negativity and believe that things really do happen for a reason.

(>) Embrace changes and complete acceptance of persons or events that cannot be controlled or changed.

Lucky are those who are blessed with a privilege upbringing. But being on the side of the under privilege, does not make you  less of a person. It gives you more motivation, a jump start or a challenge to achieve your aspirations and dreams. You cannot blame people the way you handle your own life because at this age, choices are made by you alone. Your journey depends on you and the way you want it to be.

Note : Being happy is never an option, always make it your priority .

(>) Built a strong foundation of self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem. These go hand in hand that cultivate one’s Integrity. You may lose them and retrieving it back may need a lot of courage & struggles along the way. But never give up for it will make you complete and whole again. Don’t let anyone crush or pull you down nor let anyone underestimate your worth.

Note: Never undermine the capabilities of others as well as your own.

 (>) Fulfilled love to oneself.

Gaining more love to yourself gives you a lot of reason to live. Before anything else never forget yourself, always start to your own self and then branch out to extend or share the love to others.

Note: Good things are bound to happen at the right time ( in God’s perfect time).  Just keep a kind, happy and humble heart  because you are in the right track.     2014


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