At the Right time

Love stories are the best story ever told. But of course it depends on the flow of the story on how it started and the way it ended.

I, myself is guilty of falling in love too easily , or being with the wrong partner , in bad timing, or in a wrong relationship and even lost myself in the process. The wrong decisions from the past, no matter how stupid you become or how madly insane that was, does not define  of who You are.

Bad judgements are expected and hurtful words are being said. In a way, I don’t consider them as my mistakes but rather my “learnings”. Some may say that you don’t have to make mistakes just to learn your lesson, but there are times when we find  answers  through errors .

What really matters are the lessons learned  and the person you become   ( a stronger and smarter individual ) and to never lose yourself again.

Searching for the ONE  can be tiring at times, depressing in such a way that you begin to lose hope, or even frustrating if it takes too long  ( a long sigh saying ” ano petsa na? ” ). But don’t push yourself too hard because you might end up to the wrong one. Instead be patient cause that person intended only for you will happen unexpectedly.

It happened to me and now we are starting our very own Love story. WE may not be the perfect couple but I am ready to continue this Journey with the  ONE who brought additional meaning to my existence, and the ONE I considered a Gift from Above.    2016



👫  the first 3 months together  and counting  👫



👦👧 first out of town together 👧👦



💫 and this is the start of our Love story 💫



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