Jai & Trix


i went to med school   …   thought he might be a doctor   …   he wasn’t

i went back to my hometown   …   thought he might be a childhood sweetheart   …   he wasn’t

i even went to law school   …   thought he might be a lawyer   …   he wasn’t

i went to different places   …   thought he might be a freelancer, manager, a nurse, an associate, a teacher, or an agent   …   he wasn’t

i stopped

he found me   …   he is an engineer


Everything happens for a reason . Things may not happen according to our plans, but life unfolds exactly the way it is destined to be.

Love is never forced or pushed to a place where it is not meant to stay, grow and flourish.

It is a long journey that is meant to value, to enjoy and to celebrate every single day.

Never rush nor give up on love ..  it will happen in due time..         2019



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